In this episode, the Spoilers go back to high school to take on one of the most beloved and widely taught plays of the 20th century. Bravely confronting their literary prejudices, they reexamine this classic of African American literature while getting a little bit feisty in the process. Housing discrimination, masculinity and patriarchy, morality, and how to lose $6500 in a day are some of the fascinating subjects of discussion. The crew is particularly sympathetic toward Beneatha, bemoaning the fact that her dream seems to be the one that might still get deferred in this whole mess. Everyone is cool to forgive Brother and move into the new house, but what about that damn Willie? Does he really get away with it? In the end, the Spoilers laud sweet Lorraine and give her props for being a bit of a genius. And if Nina Simone and James Baldwin said it, who are we to disagree? Enjoy!

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