If you've been missing the us during the lockdown, fear not! We're back with a new jumbo episode for all y'all to dig into. Recording in the shadow of Covid 19, Ahmaud Arbery, and the George Floyd murder, the Spoilers take solace in the Vai maxim whispered by the narrator of Moore's compelling novel: "Fengbe kemu beh" -- we have nothing, but we have each other. In this episode we give you the rundown on magic realism and other confusing literary terms, we talk gender and colonialism, we learn a ton about Liberia, and we ruminate on black triumph. Get ready for a spicy episode filled with invisibility, talking weather, and pregnant ghosts. This thing has everything. Most importantly, we engage Moore's beautiful story of the effort to make many people into one nation using some very special gifts. It a story that might do us all some good right now. 

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