Do you hear what I hear? Yup -- THE DRIP is back and this time you can actually hear us talking! In this episode, the Spoilers work through how to think about representations of sexual violence in the wake of Kavanaugh; they talk marriage, mass incarceration, race and masculinity, and creepy Roy dolls; and they resist the desperate urge to line up on Team Roy or Team Celestial (no Team Dre).

This gem is packed full of delectable moments, mostly because it's the second time we've talked about this novel. You won't hear the first because no one could hear us over the raucous crowd at Heritage when we first tried to record this episode a couple weeks ago. This time we took it all back home to a quiet place, and if we don't say so, we are a little more thoughtful, generally brilliant, and much easier on the ears. Listen all the way to the end for the added treat of a sweet outtake from our first recording effort at Heritage -- that's right, it's Crystal rocking an impromptu performance of "Sorry" from FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE/ WHEN THE RAINBOW IS ENUF during sound check. It is so worth it.

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